Uniqueness + Unity = A Change of Heart

Overheard at a recent Major League Baseball game as a multi-player brawl erupted on the field: “Why can’t we just get along?”

Overheard at a recent political rally as multiple protesters clashed over opposing opinions: “Why can’t we just get along?” [Read more…]

Ten Life-Changing Life Lessons

The month of June is a season when school graduations fill the calendar and commencement speeches fill the air. The month of June is a time to recount course-work experienced and to reflect on lessons learned.

Twice in the New Testament, Mark 10:51 and John 20:16, Jesus of Nazareth is [Read more…]

An Alphabet for Effective Parenting

On the second Sunday of this month (May 8), mothers have a designated day of celebration. On the third Sunday of next month (June 19), fathers have an official day of recognition.
As we honor parents and parent-figures during the next two months, may we also consider the following “alphabet” for effective parenting:
[Read more…]

Change of Spirit: Contentment to Commitment

Did you notice? Spring sprang!

Here in Western New York, the change in season from March to April shocks the human senses.

For the ears, silent dawns transform into songbird sunrises. [Read more…]

Change of Sight

A blind child,
guided by a teacher,
admires cherry blossoms.

Who knows what a blind child may see of flowers?

Who knows what any of us may see from the privacy of our own blindness? [Read more…]


Twelve. The number “12” bears significance throughout biblical and non-biblical history.

In the Old Testament, the twelve tribes of Israel symbolize the completeness of the chosen nation.

In the New Testament, the twelve disciples of Jesus represent the authority of the first followers [Read more…]

Power of Christmas to Change

The very first Christmas—some twenty centuries ago—is a revolutionary event.

Consider the extraordinary changes that occur around the ordinary birth of a not-so-ordinary baby.

First, consider the change in Mary. Mary is a teenage girl, [Read more…]

Change Agent

Change agent. An agent of change.

Here in Western New York, the foliage, the landscape and the temperatures radically change during the month of November. Seasonal forces of nature evoke tremendous change in life around us.

In the person of Jesus of Nazareth, we observe many roles: [Read more…]

Everyday God! God Every Day?

On what day of the week were you born?
A nursery rhyme, first recorded in England in 1836, follows a 16th Century tradition of fortune-telling based on the day of a child’s birth.
A 20th Century version of that original nursery rhyme appears frequently in modern-day collections of folk tales and nursery rhymes:
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Choices…to Be Made Well

Choices. Choices face us every day.

How do we choose…from our many choices?

A story…about choices.

A middle-aged man, named Franklin, received an unusual inheritance from a unconventional uncle. Franklin lived in New England. [Read more…]