Dear friends (Oct.)

Dear friends and members of our family of faith:

As the season of autumn flaunts her colors, God’s peace to you and those whom you love.

In October, our faith community will: (1) continue our “For Everything There Is a Season” sermon series; (2) host our “Room at the Table” Potluck Lunch; (3) begin a Scripture Book Study; (4) present “Storytelling by the Steeple”; (5) commence our four-week Commitment Season; (6) sponsor a seminar on death and dying; and (7) crystallize plans for “Go, Tell My People,” a sacred drama presented by “Women of the Well,” on November 12.

On the five Sundays of October, we will gather in the sanctuary to journey through the complex seasons of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3. On October 1, we will honor World Communion Sunday with the Feast for All Sinners and Saints, support our Sharing-the-Light Food Collection and gather for our monthly Potluck Lunch in Fellowship Hall. On October 8, we will introduce and welcome Mrs. Reagan Phillippi, our new Administrative Assistant. On October 10, we will start a six-week Scripture Book Study on The Daniel Plan. On October 14, we will host “Storytelling by the Steeple,” a mini-festival of story and music. On October 15, Rev. Bill Heller will grace our pulpit. On October 22, we will begin our Commitment Season. On October 23, we will host a community-wide Seminar on Death and Dying, led by Mr. Joe Robinson.

This month, members of the F.A.C.E. (Faith And Caring Encounter) Group may earn Community Service hours during our Autumn Clean-Up Day on October 22.

For fourteen months, July 2016 through September 2017, the Prayer Challenge enabled members of our family of faith to participate in a week-long exercise in prayer.

Save the Date:
“Go, Tell My People,” on Sunday, November 12, at 10 a.m. in our sanctuary, when

“Women of the Well,” a troupe of liturgical performers from Rochester, will present our Sunday message through scripture, music and drama.

Through third quarter of 2017, God’s blessings and generosity within our faith community have shown themselves in a strong, steady level of Committed Gifts and Free Offerings. Our “Fortify Our Food Pantry” Campaign benefited from our “Ten for the Pantry” Collection during September, “Hunger Action Month.” As we enter October and a new Season of Commitment, may you receive God’s grace for your sharing in the past. May you feel God’s empowerment for your giving in the future.

God be with you till we meet again.

Beside you in the journey of faith,
Rev. Dr. Barbara Therese