Change of Spirit: Contentment to Commitment

Did you notice? Spring sprang!

Here in Western New York, the change in season from March to April shocks the human senses.

For the ears, silent dawns transform into songbird sunrises.

For the eyes, barren gardens transform into flower-packed quilts.

For the bodily thermometers, arctic plunges transform into 70-degree spikes.

The change of season—Winter to Spring—transforms our external life vibrantly. Not only in Western
New York but universally, the changes wrought by the season of Spring stir “aliveness” in humankind.

What of our internal life? In what season are our spirits?

Consider this vulnerable self-reflection:

Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature; I was content just to grow.
Jesus went about doing good; I was content just to go.
Jesus went to be baptized by John;
I was content just to take a shower.
Jesus went to the garden to pray;
I was content just to pick a flower.
Jesus spoke words from a mountain; I didn’t listen to the words he spoke.
Jesus blessed a cup in an Upper Room; I didn’t want any more than a Coke.
Jesus offered, “Come to me, if you’re weary.” I smirked, “A nap? Nah, don’t arrange.”
Jesus invited, “Ask, seek and knock.”

Then I cried out, “Please help me to change!”

A human body numbed by the stark cold of Winter yearns for the warming thaw of Spring.

Likewise, a human soul frozen in a Winter of contentment yearns to be melted by a Spring of commitment…so that the soul may be stirred alive.

If anyone seeks Christ, they are a new creation. Everything old passes away. See! Everything becomes new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

In this season, our external world undergoes a change of nature: Winter to Spring.

In this season, may your internal world undergo a change of spirit: Contentment to Commitment.

Beside you in the journey of faith,
Rev. Barbara