T-Shirts and Christmas and July, Oh My!

T-shirts and Christmas and July, oh my!
T-shirts and Christmas and July, oh my!

Question: What do t-shirts, Christmas and July have to do with one another, other than an allusion to the mantra–“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”–uttered in The Wizard of Oz?

Answer: T-shirts and Christmas are key themes in our worship gather- ings during the month of July.
On July 5, the first Sunday in July, we will celebrate (our first ever!) “T-Shirt Sunday” at The United Church of Warsaw.

On July 26, the final Sunday in July, we will celebrate our on-going, annual “Christmas in July” at The United Church of Warsaw.

Question: What will happen on “T-Shirt Sunday”?

Answer: All those who attend Sunday worship on July 5 are invited to wear a t-shirt that features a faith-based theme or motto. Those wearing a “faith-based” t-shirt will be invited to rise briefly (as they are able) during the time of the sermon and read the message printed on their t-shirt. The pastor will then incorporate the faith-based message on the t-shirt into an impromptu meditation. That morning, the pastor will call on up to five people to read their t-shirts during the time of the sermon.

Question: Why are we celebrating “T-Shirt Sunday”?

Answer: In the 20th and 21st Centuries, printed t-shirts have emerged as a viable means of communicating scriptural and spiritual lessons. For example, if anyone were to walk into my Pastor’s Office, one would see five t-shirts hanging prominently on the south wall of the office space. Each of the five t-shirts bears a specific and timely message. Here is a sampling of the t-shirt messages in my office:

“Come what may, I want to run.” 2 Samuel 18:23

PRAYER: The world’s greatest wireless connection

I don’t believe in miracles. I rely on them!

Invitation: On Communion Sunday, July 5, all (that means all family members) are encouraged to
come to Sunday worship at 10 a.m. in the sanctuary and to wear a t-shirt with faith-based message printed on it.

Guidelines: Suggested example of t-shirt message to wear:
Please be patient.

God isn’t finished with me yet!

Suggested example of t-shirt message NOT to wear:
Road Kill


Question: What will happen on “Christmas in July” Sunday?

Answer: All music during worship on Sunday, June 26, will be Christmas-themed. Moreover, the message of the morning will be Christmas-related. Finally, Jennifer Fisher, the Director of Chancel
Ringers, will present a “Mini Bell Concert” during worship, and all her bell/chime music will be Christmas-based. A Special Offering will be taken during worship (in addition to our regular Offering) to support and offset the costs of sending four Bell Ringers (three youth and one adult) to Bell Conferences in June and July.

Invitation: All members and friends of our family of faith are invited to participate in our “Christmas in July” service on Sunday, July 26, at 10 a.m. in the sanctuary. Special Christmas
refreshments will be provided during the Time of Fellowship after the service.

Guidelines: Bring Christmas spirit! Wear Christmas apparel (hats, ties and bells)! Don Christmas colors (red and green)! Sing Christmas carols! Share Christmas love!


In the month of July–especially on the Fourth of July–we often speak or hear these prayerful words: God bless America!
This July, may these be our prayerful words:
On July 5 – May the words of our t-shirts and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to you, O Lord, our rock and our redeemer. (Psalm 19:14, paraphrased)
On July 26 – Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those of good will. (Luke 2:14)

Beside you in the journey of faith,
Rev. Barbara